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Colorado Discovery Day 2 -RMNP

Hello friends and fam!

Hi it’s Mia, the first leader of the day. Today we woke up and had our first full day of the trip which consisted of hiking in Rocky Mountain National Park. We headed off to a trail where we saw a bunch of lakes. Westin got really excited when he saw people with fishing gear but quickly learned that he needs a Colorado fishing license. He then took a stick and just pretended to fish the rest of the hike, fooling many people hiking by. Corn put good use to his binoculars by trying to figure out if people far away were wearing bucket hats or fedoras. On our walk we experienced sunshine, hail, rain, and snow. It was quite the adventure. We passed 4 lakes in total and got to skip lots and lots of rocks. The last lake was where the weather was the worst but thankfully we were greeted by a decapitated marmot that we all enjoyed taking pictures with. Afterwards we headed to the discovery center where we got to talk to a ranger. Me, Simon, Coen, Westin, Charlie, Peri, Darly and Addison all worked on booklets so we could become Junior Rangers and get some badges. We then returned to camp where a lot of us played games and Izzy and Addison started on friendship bracelets. First day complete and we are looking forward to another day in the park tomorrow!

Your LOD,


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