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Ecuador Day 10- Isabela Island

Ruby, Lila and Alexandra woke up bright and early at 4AM as Alexandra, who was our great leader of the day today, forgot to change her clock from central time to mountain time. The boys however, got to sleep later and only got out of bed right before we had to meet at 6AM.

As the group took a two hour boat ride from Santa Cruz Island to Isabela Island, Carson got some Z’s while Jonah, who was seated in the only seat not protected by a window, got soaked as if by a firehose. Thankfully, he loved it!

After arriving on Isabela Island, the group got a late breakfast. Then, we all headed down to the gorgeous beach, just blocks away from our hotel! We played Buggy Up, a sort of “Simon Says” game that Sam taught us. No surprise: Jacob and John were the last team standing and won the game!

We walked down the street to lunch, where Carson and Spencer cracked jokes about the television. Then, it was time for the main activities of the day: kayaking and snorkeling! While kayaking, the group got to see loads of penguins, blue footed boobies, sea lions, and blue herons!!! Charlie and Ruby had a ton of fun seeing the turtles up close in their kayak.

After that came snorkeling. Jacob filmed many angelfish, rays and starfish. While the group packed up all of their things from the beach, a baby sea lion got a little too close to Nate before he swiftly swam away.

Before dinner, the group went on a sidewalk stroll to some stores for souvenirs and clothes. Maya bought some pineapple buns from a local bakery and John bought a fresh coconut from a street vendor.

After dinner, the group had our evening meeting on the beach, soaking in our first full day in the beautiful Galapagos. Then we went to bed, ready to wrap up our long but exciting day.

Written by Carson, Ruby, and Nate

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