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Ecuador Day 11- Turtle turtle!

Carson woke everyone up this morning and specifically dumped half a bottle of water on Jacob. We all walked to the breakfast place next door and ate eggs, yogurt and granola. Ruby, Charlie, Alexandra, and Olivia bought themselves pastries at the bakery across the street.

Afterward we made our way to the bus and drove to the pier. We got on a boat and drove to a remote Islet for a walk. Sandra explained to us the diversity of lichen in the Galapagos and pointed out all the wildlife in the area—lizards, iguanas, sea lions, crabs, herons, sharks, and more. John enjoyed the calming walk and Alexandra enjoyed taking in the unique Galapagos view, making sure to ask questions along the way. Charlie especially enjoyed seeing the sea lions napping on the rocks and sand.

Next, we got ready to snorkel in the nearby bay. We all jumped in the water and Spencer enjoyed seeing the underwater marine life for the first time. Lila spotted a majestic sea turtle in the water and Ruby enjoyed taking pictures underwater with her camera. Not only that but Jacob took some amazing videos of the sharks on his GoPro and Jonah dived down to see them as well.

Soon enough, we were done snorkeling and we boated back to the main island, Isabella. Sam laughed as she took a photo of a sea lion laying on a bench. The group had some downtime to either shower or go to the beach or walk around the town. More specifically, Nate enjoyed the beach and making jokes with Sam, while Olivia enjoyed wading in the ocean.

Lastly, the group drove over to the Giant Galapagos Turtle breeding center. Maya enjoyed asking various questions and the rest of the group marveled at the largest and longest living turtles on the planet.

Afterward, we walked back to the hotel where we had time to shower & reset. We ate dinner, had evening meeting and went to bed, satisfied with another beautiful day in the Galapagos!

Written by Alexandra

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