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Ecuador Day 12- Sierra Negra

Hello everyone,

This morning started off very early and not so bright at 5 AM. This might seem like a very early wake up time considering that breakfast wasn’t until 6:45, and the reason for that was that Charlie, our wonderful leader of the day, had set the alarm on the group iPod for 6:00, without being aware that the devise was still on central Ecuador time instead of Galapagos time.

Luckily for most of the group, Lila realized this mix up soon after she woke up and alerted Alexandra to the fact that we were an hour too early. Alexandra quickly notified Charlie and much of the group was able to sleep until 6 AM after all. Carson and Lila however, were not feeling so tired so they decided to have a nice long chat and watch the sunrise.

After the whole group finally met for breakfast at the restaurant across the street at 6:45, we enjoyed a tasty but quick breakfast of scrambled eggs and croissants.

We then embarked on our main activity for the day: a ten mile hike up Sierra Negra volcano. The hike started off with a relatively easy 3 miles up a dirt path before we got to a little hut where we took a quick break for snacks. On the trek, Sam organized speed dating activities where we talked to each other about creative questions that Sam thought up.

We then continued up the volcano for a following two miles hiking over exposed volcanic rock. This ordinarily would have been a very hot hike but luckily for us, our guide informed us that this was the coldest day he had seen all year. Sierra Negra last erupted only in 2018 so it is still a very active volcano, and we were even able to stick our hands in some crevices and feel the heat emanating from the earth’s center. After we made it to the top of the mountain we took a short break there but quickly headed back down because the wind and the rain made it quite cold on top. Once we made it back to the hut, we enjoyed the lunches that we had brought with us of chicken sandwiches, apples, juice, oreos, and chocolate bars.

After lunch, we began walking again. Jonah, Jacob, and Nate, however, took an opportunity to run the three miles back to the bus. Jacob made it back to the bus in less than 30 minutes and Jonah was only a few minutes behind. Nate, however, got slightly held up when passing a pasture of cows. He made eye contact with a docile bull for no less than 15 minutes.

Once we finished the hike, we came back to our hotel to quickly get the mud off of ourselves before heading to the beach to hang out for a few hours before dinner. While we were there, John enjoyed wading far out into the sea while Ruby and Olivia had fun playing in the waves and trying to body surf. Everyone had a lot of fun pushing each other around, but unfortunately, a large wave knocked Jonah’s glasses off his face when he was not expecting it.

After finishing at the beach, the group headed back to the hotel to shower and hang our for a bit before dinner while Maya finally got some time to head down to the waves to swim and read her book.

After a delicious and much anticipated dinner of hamburgers and fries, the group headed to Ruby’s surprise birthday celebration. We enjoyed delicious cake and Ruby’s favorite, piña coladas, then headed back down to the beach for another nice evening meeting to end the day.

We look forward to seeing you all soon!!

Bye for now,


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