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Ecuador Day 13- Beach day

This morning the trip leaders were generous enough to let us sleep in until 4:15 am! Ruby and Lila walked around waking people up, but John and Jacob were ahead of them and already up at 3:55.

We packed our bags and hopped on a 2 hour boat ride from Isabel Island to Santa Cruz. Charlie had a moment of sea sickness, but Carson was quick to help and he was fine the moment he stepped off the boat.

Once we got to the hotel, a couple people rested in the hammocks. Meanwhile, Jonah enjoyed playing chess against multiple others.

Later in the day, after everyone was rested we walked across town down a beautiful scenic path to a beach called Tortuga Bay. While on the long walk, Alexandra was entertained by the interesting facts she learned from Sandra. Tortuga Bay is known for its powdery white sand and clear blue water.

Since the red flags were up we passed up the famous beach for a calmer lagoon on the opposite side of the sand hills . Right away everyone ran into the water because it was sweltering outside. The bottom of the bay was quite smooshy, so John walked around the lake with Olivia and Ruby on his back so they didn’t have to touch the ground. What a gentleman!

After swimming for a while, everyone got out and decided to head over to the opposite side of the picturesque beach to sunbathe. Lila and Sam enjoyed this especially, soaking up some of our last sun in the Galapagos. On the other hand, Olivia was peacefully snoozing away. Nate had some not-so-peaceful rest when he was startled awake by Jacob, who dumped some sand on him.

As we left, Charlie soaked up the scenery taking a bunch of pictures and enjoying his last moments on the beach. We started on our walk back to town to get ready for our last night dinner. Back at the hotel, Maya spent some time resting on the hammocks and enjoying a frappuccino.

Now, for the moment we’ve all been waiting for: Our final dinner in the Galapagos! Everyone dressed up and was looking great in their fancy drip. We enjoyed salads, sushi, and more while listening to live music. John especially enjoyed it and knew a lot of the songs.

After dinner, we headed back to the hammocks for evening meeting and a fun activity. Then, we got some delicious ice cream!! We wrapped up the night by going to the pier where we spotted some sea lions, sharks, and a turtle before heading off to bed on our last night. We are having the best time, but we cannot wait to hug you all soon!

Peace out,

Olivia, Lila, and Jacob

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