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Ecuador Day 14- Bye bye Galapagos!

Today started off with a bang when our leader of the day, Nate, started banging on a door to wake us up in the morning. This is definitely routine, but Nate accidentally knocked on the wrong door and ended up getting scolded by a tired woman.

After everyone was up and our bags were packed, we met for breakfast at the hotel where Jacob had his usual meal of pure sugar. After breakfast, we headed out for a short walk to the Charles Darwin museum where Sandra, our guide, taught us all about Charles Darwin’s discoveries. Here we also saw giant tortoises and Carson enjoyed watching them kiss, but in reality they were actually fighting.

Next, we headed back to the hotel to meet before some much anticipated town time. We formed groups and headed out to an amazing açaí cafe where we all got various things. John and Jacob especially mentioned how much they enjoyed their smoothie bowls. Also during our town time, Nate bought some more blue-footed boobies merch and Olivia got some gifts for her family.

We headed back to the hotel for some free time where John and Jonah played chess and Ruby did her shoulder stretches in a hammock. Charlie, Alexandra, and Lila got back from town time just in time for the bus to arrive. We all loaded our bags in and headed on our way to the airport.

After a bus ride, boat ride, and another bus ride, the group finally arrived at the airport. We had a very emo goodbye with our beloved Galapagos guide, Sandra. As Ruby held her sandwich up the the AC to keep her food cold in the plane, Sam and Maya kept the rest of the group in control.

Once the plane landed, the group took a ride to the hostel and had an incredible barbecue dinner. Charlie and Carson cracked up at a funny dinner mishap, and Nate ate four (!!) hot dogs.

The group had a wholesome slumber-party-style evening meeting before going to bed to wrap up the long day of travel & laughs.

Written by: Carson & Ruby

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