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Ecuador Day 15- The final moments

To begin the final day, we all got to sleep in, with a wake up at 8:30—the latest morning of the entire trip. Alexandra woke up the sleeping campers and we had a breakfast of eggs and bread—a common breakfast throughout the trip— with the addition of fruits and veggies.

After breakfast, we all wrote “airplane letters” to everyone, which are personal letters from everyone that are meant to be opened on the airplane back home. Alexandra made sure to take her time writing them as she put her thoughts on the cards, still having 2 left by the time dinner rolled around.

During lunch, we ate yummy chicken & french fries. Then, Jacob got in the pool while Carson relaxed in the hot tub. Nate used this time to wander the property and nap in the hammock. John relaxed on a lawn chair nearby, conversing with Nate. The rest of the group was scattered, some swimming, some packing, some writing letters to their future selves—a suggestion made by Maya.

We had an emotional final meeting, reminiscing on our trip highlights & the ways we’ve all grown. Sam & Maya gave us all trip “superlatives” that were hilarious and spot on! Sam also surprised us with sea lion stickers from the Galapagos to remember this amazing adventure :’) Ruby, Lila, Jonah, Charlie, and Olivia, prepared their goodbyes as they are all getting on their flights home tonight. Soon enough, we will all be on our way back, bringing our trip to a close.

Our time in mainland Ecuador was incredible, traveling from Tena to Otavalo to Quito, visiting the Amazon and the Andes. We hiked, rafted, swam, summited, and canyoneered. Our time in the Galapagos was even more magical as we traveled by boat, plane, and bus to Isabella Island and Santa Cruz. Here, we kayaked, snorkeled, hiked, sunbathed, and learned about the environment.

Over the whole trip, the group tasted the widely varying Ecuadorian cuisines, enjoying wonderful natural landscapes and unique wildlife such as the Galapagos Turtles or Blue-footed boobies. There were shenanigans, arguments, birthdays, and lots of time spent together. In the end, these two weeks were filled with new experiences and friendships made, and will be a memory cherished for years to come.

Written by: Alexandra & John

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