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Ecuador Day 2


After our midnight airport arrivals, we decided to start our day not so bright (it was still dark out) and very early at 6AM. We packed up all of our stuff and headed to breakfast where we had delicious watermelon, cereal, and eggs, but Jacob chose to enjoy numerous spoonfuls of sugar.

Shortly after breakfast Olivia was spotted jogging a long distance of about 10 yards to pick up her dropped water bottle while Nate was practicing basketball. He definitely made every shot he took and is the next greatest Miami heat player!

If our morning wasn’t eventful enough, we hopped on the bus for a nice, scenic 4hr drive to our next destination. Time to catch up on sleep! The ride went smoothly while Charlie added to the trip’s Spotify playlist. Also, John was enjoying the beautiful Ecuadorian scenery during the ride.

We stopped half way through the ride and Maya and Sam provided some much needed snacks that were amazing. We continued on our voyage for a while and then stopped for lunch where Ruby and Spencer ate a chicken foot and Jonah really enjoyed his trout. Also at lunch, Camilo told us some really cool facts about the tea we were drinking, which was called guayusa leaf tea and it was soooo good.

Soon after lunch we arrived at out next hotel and got settled quickly before heading out for a waterfall hike. On the hike we saw really cool ants carrying leaves into their hills. When we got to the waterfall Carson and Alexandra had lots of fun climbing up a log and jumping into the water while Lila was laughing at Ruby and Nate for attempting the climb and jump, but not making it up.

We came home from the hike and Ruby led a workout with most of the group and then lots of us jumped into the pool right after. We’re now heading to dinner with an amazing first day under our belts!

Written by Ruby


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