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Ecuador Day 5- Otavalo, here we come!

Day five started off with a bang—literally—as Olivia and Lila walked around banging pots and pans to wake people up. Most had no trouble getting up but it took throwing all of Nate’s pillows and blankets on the floor before he finally woke up and joined us for breakfast. 🙂

Today we left Tena and continued our travels with a six hour journey to Otavalo. Along the way we stopped at a small market where Maya and Camilo enjoyed delicious chicken empanadas and the others bought snacks for the ride. We then continued our scenic drive through the mountains where Charlie snacked on Doritos and enjoyed the beautiful landscape filled with trees, plants, and rivers.

As we rose in elevation, traveling up into the mountains, we stopped at a hot spring and relaxed in the warm water. The hot springs also featured a cold plunge pool which Jacob really liked and was able to hold his breath in for a while. Spencer was having some fun chatting with the locals and even helped Nate make new friends.

We took a short drive to a restaurant where we stopped for lunch, and later, Alexandra and Charlie fed leftovers to two dogs nearby. Jonah really enjoyed the lunch which featured soup, a main course, and pizza. Sam also got a vegetarian dish that looked delicious.

When we got to our mountain lodge, John was enthralled to find out about his room and will be having fun spending time in the accommodation. Carson really enjoyed the hammock on the girl’s room porch. She had fun talking and laughing while Ruby completed yet another workout— leg day! Alexandra explored our new lodging, finding board games and old movies in one of the rooms.

We had a wonderful dinner filled with laughter and jokes, and our evening meeting passed by similarly. Our day was super fun and now we are excited for the rest of our trip and our two hikes in the beautiful mountains of Otavalo.

Written by Olivia, Lila & Jacob

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