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Ecuador Day 6- Hiking and boating!

You would’ve thought the FBI raided our hotel the way Nate woke us up this morning! He even threatened to bark like a dog if we wouldn’t get out of bed. After our sudden awakening, we started this morning off with tasty bread and eggs. Spencer really enjoyed his coffee with at least 3 tbsp of sugar and cream. Jacob also enjoyed many spoonfuls of straight sugar as per his usual.

After that, we headed to a mountain around Laguna Cuichoca which had its trailhead at over 9,000 feet above sea level and its peak around 14,000! This was supposed to be an easy, 1-hour acclimating hike but ended up turning out to be a bit longer. Jacob, Jonah, John, Olivia, Ruby, and Lila pushed very hard in the front of the pack for the uphill portion of the hike, around 3.5km. The way up was super hard but the ending and the views were super rewarding. We made it to about 11,500 feet before turning around!

After the hike, we hopped on the bus and went to lunch where we enjoyed chicken soup, trout, popcorn, and ice cream.

After that, we went on a boat tour in the lake that we hiked around and Spencer and Jonah had a really fun time laughing with each other. Camilo was super nice and helpful when he translated what the tour guide was telling us in Spanish. It was one of the most beautiful views most of us have ever seen.

After the ride, we shopped at a small market where Carson bought a heart bracelet and Alexandra bought adorable llama keychains.

Now back at the hotel, we all enjoyed showers. We are now heading to dinner and are ready to wrap up the day!

Written by Ruby, Carson & Nate

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