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Ecuador Day 7- Fuya Fuya!!

Jacob and Jonah started the morning by waking up the rest of the campers—in Nate’s case, Jacob worked extra hard to wake him up. We ate a breakfast of hard boiled eggs, fruits, and bread with spreads before we drove 45 minutes to the base of Fuya Fuya, a volcano high in the Andes.

After a long and grueling start to the hike, we stopped at a rock for snacks. Jacob and Jonah enjoyed finding the most difficult face to climb and making their way to the top. Alexandra, however, found a more efficient way to the top.

Once we were done with our break, we continued up the mountain—or extinct volcano—and John encouraged us with his motivational words. Lila set the groups pace, following right behind Camilo and leading the rest of the group. Maya stayed in the back and accompanied the fun caboose. Charlie was initially apprehensive about the hike, but eventually liked it. Camilo led us up the mountain and to our second stopping point, which he called the saddle of the mountain because it’s the dipping point between both peaks. Spencer enjoyed making consistent conversation, animatedly talking with the rest of the group.

We ate more snacks before making our way up the final part of our ascent. We made our way uphill, climbing rocks and muddy trails, before we finally reached the summit. Carson was shocked by the amazing views and Olivia enjoyed taking a lot of pictures. We took group and individual photos with the beautiful clear lake in the background. We had to take the photos quickly because the clouds would cover the view every five minutes.

Once we finished taking in the view, drinking water, and once again, eating snacks, we made our way down the mountain. Camilo enjoyed taking pictures of the group and the landscape while we made our way down the steep slope of the mountain. He encouraged us to choose our own unique routes and meet up at another rock checkpoint. Nate enjoyed scooting down the mountain on his butt, sliding down slightly muddy slopes.

We all enjoyed the gorgeous views and had fun on the hike. Everyone was allowed to take the last portion of the hike at their own pace, yet again, meeting up at the last checkpoint of the trip—the bus.

When we returned home, we ate a large lunch consisting of corn, beans, empanadas, potato, pork (or chicken), and tomatoes. We all had free time, and spent it in the common space. Spencer played guitar while some made bracelets and others enjoyed petting the dogs. Sam finally got a hilarious tour of the boys room and Ruby finished a whole book!!

In the evening we ate a light dinner before we had evening meeting and went to bed. It was another great day in Ecuador!

Written by John, Alexandra & Charlie

PS- We will be making phone calls home today! Look for a ring Saturday July 8, sometime in the evening 🙂

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