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Ecuador Day 8 blog- Standing on the Equator!

Hola everyone,

We started today off with a wonderful wake up from Lila who was our leader of the day today. Lila has many strengths including her bashful and kind personality. This, unfortunately, does not translate into waking up the boys who often need to be dragged, kicking and screaming out of bed, so she had to recruit Olivia to finish the job.

After wakeup, Nate’s unfortunate stomach bug sent him back to the bathroom, but afterwards we all enjoyed some delectable eggs, fruit, and hot chocolate for breakfast.

After our wonderful meal, we departed our Mountain lodge for the last time and headed to the plaza de ponchos to do some serious shopping in the market. Everyone got great items including John’s fantastic indigenous sweatshirt, Carson’s sick pants and hoodie, and Spencer’s rubiks cube that he broke while he was still in the shop. In addition, Jacob got a dope soccer jersey, Nate picked up an “I love blue footed boobies” shirt, and Jonah and John got Inca vs. Spanish themed chess sets.

After our departure from the market, we headed to the equator museum. Here, we learned about the way the Europeans figured out where the equator was located using triangulation on top of Mountains and Olivia became the first one of us to officially stand on the center of the world. The group took some photos with us straddling the equator, our right feet were very cold in winter time while our left feet were sweating in summer. Next, we headed to the beautiful cactus gardens that are part of the museum and had a grand old time there.

After the gardens, we ate lunch at a delicious restaurant where we had some potato soup followed by an option of beef, chimi churri chicken, or BBQ chicken.

Next, we had a long bus ride heading back to Quito in preparation for our departure to the Galapagos tomorrow. In the bus, some of us played chess and checkers and others made string bracelets. Ruby learned a fire new bracelet pattern and Alexandra set the world record for number of bracelets made in one day.

Once we made it to our hotel, we immediately headed down to the hotel’s pool where Jonah did some laps and Charlie hung out with Bella the dog before they both joined the others who were hanging out in the jacuzzi.

After getting some screen time and calling all of you, our wonderful parents, we enjoyed a tasty but small dinner of lasagna and garlic bread and followed it up with some delivery pizza. Sam and Maya presented Camilo with some lovely gifts (some of which they purchased at the market), as unfortunately this is our last day with him as our guide. We are now soaking up the rest of our limited time when we are allowed to rot our brains with technology 😉


Jonah and Spencer

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