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Ecuador Day 9- Welcome to the Galapagos!!!!!

If the early bird gets the worm, we were the earliest birds getting the most worms, as we started our day at approximately 5 AM. It was dark and a little rainy as we packed up to head to the airport. Unfortunately there was a little laundry mishap in the morning as all of the boys’ laundry had apparently been left out in the rain and was soaking wet. After the issue was resolved with a lot of waterproof trash bags, we ate a quick breakfast of eggs and toast and then got in the bus and headed toward the airport.

Checking our bags was a little rough for Spencer because they made him pay an extra 30 dollars to check his guitar, and he was not too pleased. Other than that bummer, getting into the airport went smoothly all the way through boarding the plane.

Once on the plane, Carson found herself sitting between two kind strangers. Luckily, she was able to take advantage of it, chatting some then sleeping for a lot of the flight. Ruby, on the other hand, attempted to sleep, but talked with Charlie instead. Meanwhile Jonah enjoyed playing chess and checkers with Olivia and John. As the flight continued Lila and Olivia shared a large bag of gummy bears, Spencer had a conversation with a few members of a different teen group, and Jacob enjoyed some coloring. Meanwhile, Alexandra was having a nice conversation with some Galapagos locals that were also on our flight.

Once the plane landed Nate applauded. While walking from the plane to the main airport, John took in the immense amount of animals and amazing views. We met up with our new guide for the Galapagos, Sandra, who seems great and then the group took a bus ride, boat, and yet another bus ride to get to the hotel.

We walked around the town and had a lunch of lentil soup and a choice of beef or fish. Maya led the group to get delicious ice cream, walk around, and look at iguanas, crabs, and locals. Sam also took us to a beautiful pier on which we were able to view the wonderful wildlife. After returning to our hotel, we hung out for a bit before returning to the same restaurant for dinner.

Immediately following dinner, we headed for evening meeting which was held on the pier. During evening meeting we saw two seals, two baby sharks, a sea turtle, crabs, iguana, and a bunch of fish. Then we walked back to the hotel from the pier and prepared for the next day.

Written by Olivia, Lila & Jacob

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