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Navigating Customs in Ecuador

Hello Ecuador Families!!

As promised, we have included a series of photos with captions to help you navigate customs on arrival day. Take a moment to scroll through the instructions written on each of the eight attached photos.

When you exit your plane and take that first sweet sip of Ecuadorian air, know that there is plentiful signage (written in English!) to help you navigate first to customs, then to baggage claim, and finally to one of your trip leaders who will be thrilled to receive you!

Some helpful tips:

⁃ Choose a secure location for your passport that will not change during your travel day. It’s also a great idea to bring an extra photocopy, just in case.

⁃ Be sure to have a fresh set of clothes, all medications, and your toothbrush in your carry-on. We’d also recommend wearing your hiking shoes on the plane.

⁃ Connect to the airport WiFi once you make it to the immigration line. Reach out to Sam or Maya on WhatsApp/FaceTime if you need ANYTHING!

⁃ You will be asked for your length of stay in Ecuador, which is 15 days.

⁃ If you are asked for the purpose of your trip, say “tourism.”

⁃ If you are asked for the name of your accommodations, we will be staying at Hosteria Airport Garden Hotel on our first night in Ecuador. The address is 1 de Noviembre in Quito.

⁃ Ecuador is a cash-heavy country. While there may be an occasional ATM, we’d recommend $150-$200 cash for souvenirs, treats, etc. Choose a safe place for this cash & do not flash handfuls of money once you land in Ecuador.

– If you cannot locate your duffel at baggage claim, your best chance of getting prompt help is to speak with an airport worker BEFORE exiting the secure area. Call Sam or Maya if this happens and we will do our best to assist you from the other side!

Take a deep breath: YOU’VE GOT THIS 🙂 We both had very pleasant experiences at immigration, but please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any follow-up questions! We CAN’T WAIT to see you all!!!


Sam & Maya

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