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Trip Blog:

Trip blogs for all summer trips can be found on Families can expect to receive a blog every 2-4 days depending on access to cell service and data. Each family has a unique trip blog that is password protected. Passwords can be found on your CampInTouch account in the “Trip Blog Access Document”.


For all Thailand’s Best trips, students will fly on a required, pre-booked group flight from the Los Angeles Airport (LAX) in Los Angeles, CA to Chiang Mai International Airport (CNX) in Chiang Mai, Thailand and back. It is the responsibility of each family to book their student’s travel from their home airport to LAX and back. Bold Earth will assist with this process with flight recommendations and office support.

Transportation to and from LAX are the responsibility of the family. There are two options for booking flights:

  1. Beginning in mid-March, Bold Earth will provide personalized flight recommendations to all enrolled families on international adventures. We do our best to group students together on flights when possible while balancing cost and speed of travel. All flight recommendations are optional.
  2. If you’d rather choose your student’s route to LAX, please follow the travel guidelines posted on your CampInTouch homepage (available early March). These guidelines include arrival and departure windows. Even if you choose not to use the personalized flight recommendation, we are still happy to put you in touch with other families whose children are on the same trip and flying in and out of the same area. If you would like to purchase your flight prior to March, we ask that you confirm the flight itinerary with our office before booking.
Arrival and departure windows

Enrolled students can locate detailed travel guidelines in the “Forms and Documents” section of their CampInTouch account.

Our trip leaders will be awaiting each of our students’ arrivals in the Los Angeles Airport. As per airline regulations, we greet every student who flies as an unaccompanied minor (an official airline designation) at the gate. For all other students, please follow your group off the plane down to baggage claim, where your trip leader will be waiting. Students will call home as soon as they meet with our group and gather their baggage.

*Please do not book flights until your child has been officially accepted and enrolled on the Thailand’s Best trip.

Packing list

Thailand’s Best Packing List

Preparing for physical activity

Bold Earth is designed as an active camp for teenagers. We recommend regular aerobic exercise for at least a month before departing on your trip. Walking, jogging, swimming, or riding a bike are all great ways to increase your fitness to get the most out of your Bold Earth experience.

Included in tuition:
  • All meals
  • All lodging, group gear, and technical gear
  • All guided activities
Not included in tuition: