Why We Recommend Travel Insurance

Bold Earth strongly recommends purchasing travel insurance to protect families from the risk of unexpected expenses due to last-minute cancellation of, or early departure from, a student’s adventure. Although this does not frequently occur; incidents such as illness, injury, and family emergencies can arise. The final date for a tuition refund is March 1, 2023. In the event such an incident occurs after this date, travel insurance can help recover the cost of tuition as well as expenses such as medical care and last-minute airfare. 

Bold Earth does not offer its own insurance. To insure your child’s trip, you will need to contact a third-party company and inquire with them directly regarding acquiring a policy. We recommend beginning this process immediately after paying the Bold Earth deposit, as some policies are time-sensitive. 

Travel insurance is not required by Bold Earth nor is Bold Earth affiliated with any insurance company; however, our many years running programs has taught us that this is often a worthwhile investment for families. There are a variety of policies offered, of which we have found “cancel for any reason” plans to be the best fit for our programs. These policies typically must be purchased within two weeks of paying your Bold Earth deposit. The cost of travel insurance varies by company and policy and is usually calculated as a small percentage of the overall Bold Earth program tuition.

The top companies we recommend, based on the positive feedback of our families who have worked with them, are as follows:


World Nomads


We encourage you to review Bold Earth’s Terms and Conditions and cancellation policy when considering policy options for your child’s trip. If you have any questions about our policies please feel free to reach out at (828) 435-3971 or admissions@boldearth.com. We are happy to help.